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The counselors of Riverside Counseling seek to provide compassionate professional mental health care in the light of each individual's unique needs and personal convictions. We endeavor to help in the healing of the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of children, adults and families. We are conveniently located in Lansdowne with easy access for residents of Ashburn, Herndon, Leesburg, and Sterling.





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Summer 2014

New in 2014 - Mindfulness Seminar witrh Dan Towery, LPC

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Summer 2014
New resident counselor:

Dan Drabik, MS.

Summer 2014
Women's Anxiety Support Group

with Margaret Zaephel, LCSW.








Depression Treatment Tips

Visit Dr. Donald Hall's blog for insights on spirituality, meditation, medicine, and more.

Don Hall MD Blog






Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

riverside CTO

Using cognitive behavior treatment strategies to develop healthy thinking patterns.


  • Correcting cognitive errors
  • Practicing healthy behaviors

Medication Management

Adjusting chemical imbalances to provide optimum mental health.


  • Evaluating need for psychiatric medication
  • Adjusting current psychiatric medication


Faith-Based Option

riverside sbo

For those interested in integrating mental health treatment and Christian counseling principles.

  • Select counselors specialize in this integrative approach
  • Using faith-based counsel to enhance traditional psychotherapy

We Are Here to Help

Our psychiatrists include Donald Hall MD and Thomas Pillion MD. Our nurse practitioner, Lori Smith-Williamson C-ANP has over twenty years experience prescribing medication.We offer a holistic approach to emotional growth that includes traditional counseling and medication management.  We also provide spiritual counseling, meditation (mindfulness) training, and encouragement of exercise for individuals requesting this support.

Riverside Counseling is committed to providing quality counseling and psychiatric care in a warm and professional environment.